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01.29.2012 (1126 Days Ago)

DREAD TIMES: The New Reality



This is nothing but torture on our brother!!






from ICFFMAJ & The MOVE Organization


As most of you already know, Mumia was transferred to SCI-Mahanoy in upstate PA. more than a month ago, directly after Phila. prosecutor Seth Williams announced that he wasn’t pursuing the death penalty in Mumia’s case.  This meant that Mumia’s sentence went from death to life in prison without parole.  Since arriving at SCI-Mahanoy, Mumia has been in the hole, on AC (administrative custody) status, solitary confinement, even though there is no valid reason for him to be in the hole.  The conditions are tortuous and much worse than the conditions on death row.  These conditions have been condemned by the United Nations as tortuous.  Since arriving at Mahanoy, Superintendent John Kerestes and his staff have gone from one thing to the next to vent their fury and racism on Mumia.  First they claimed to be waiting on paperwork that Mumia’s sentence is a life sentence and not death, but Mahanoy has no death chamber so Mumia would never be sent there if he still had a death sentence.  When people saw right through that, Kerestes said that Mumia has to cut his hair before going into general population, now he’s saying that Mumia has to let them take his blood (something Mumia really doesn’t want to do) before he can be in general population.  Mumia has been in prison for 30 years so why this sudden demand for his blood now.  It is crystal clear that Kerestes and his staff are doing everything they can to keep Mumia in the hole under these tortuous conditions, and it’s all rooted in racism and their fury at all the world-wide attention that stays focused on Mumia, after all these years.  They’re furious that their plan to legally kill Mumia ain’t working.  They’re torturing Mumia for the same reason the Romans tortured Jesus Christ, because he won’t go along with the lies of the system and racism.  Prison policy has nothing to do with what they’re doing to Mumia and everybody should be clear on this.  We must be vigilant over Mumia, including organizations that can visit him on an official basis.  We must continue to flood Supt. Kerestes with calls and emails.  Mumia is up in serious racist KKK territory and we must have his back.  We’ve brought Mumia too far to get lax now.  Remember, the power of the people is a force to be reckoned with when the power of the people stays consistent and united.



International Concerned Family And Friends Of Mumia Abu Jamal and

The Move Organization



1) Write, Phone, and email the Secretary of Corrections: Demand that Mumia be transferred to General Population! And demand the shutdown of RHU (Restricted Housing Unit) Torture Blocks!

John Wetzl, Secretary Department of Corrections

2520 Lisburn Road, P.O. Box 598, Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598                                   (717) 975-4928  Email:


2) Write, Phone, and email the Superintendent:

John Kerestes, Superintendent

SCI Mahanoy301 Morea RoadFrackville, PA 17932(570) 773-2158  Fax: (570) 783-2008


3) Write, Phone, and email the Philadelphia DA. Demand that they petition the court to free Mumia, based on suppression of evidence. They have buried evidence and the truth for 30 years. The police corruption and the frame up of

Mumia must be exposed.

Seth Williams, DA Philadelphia

Three South Penn SquarePhiladelphia, PA 19107-3499(215) 686-8000  Email:

and finally, send Mumia a note or a card:

Mumia Abu-JamalAM 8335SCI Mahanoy301 Morea RoadFrackville, PA 17932

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  •  SisMarpessa wrote 1126 Days Ago (neutral) 
    From R. Wolkenstein

    Saturday, July 28, 7:30 PM

    Message from Wadiya A Jamal, wife of Mumia Abu-Jamal;

    I just received a call from my beloved husband who is now out of Administrative Custody and in general population at SCI Mahanoy. He is relieved after being in these solitary torture chambers for over 30 years. He can’t wait to face and embrace me, his wife, and his children and grandchildren. The next moment is for him to be released from the belly of the beast. He is surprised at how many men are in these prison cells--black, white, hispanic. He said he’s been shown a lot of love, from the others in population. We need to bring Mumia, and all the other men, home!

    Mumia said he wanted to see me as soon as possible, to come up tomorrow, Sunday, a visiting day. But the prison won’t let me visit until Monday.

    Wadiya A Jamal, with BIG pride.

    Mumia's Message to Supporters in call from General Population, SCI Mahanoy to his wife, Wadiya Jamal:

    My dear friends, brothers and sisters -- I want to thank you for your real hard work and support. I am no longer on death row, no longer in the hole, I’m in population. This is only part one and I thank you all for the work you’ve done. But the struggle is for freedom! From Mumia and Wadiya, Ona Move. Long Live John Africa!
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  •  SisMarpessa wrote 1127 Days Ago (neutral) 

    As of 1/27/12, Mumia Abu-Jamal has officially been transferred to General Prison Population after being held in Administrative Custody ("The Hole" or Solitary Confinement) at SCI Mahanoy, Frackville, PA for seven weeks. This is the first time Mumia has been in General Population since his arrest in 1981.

    This comes within hours of the of delivery of over 5,500 signed petitions to Department of Corrections headquarters in Camp Hill, PA and a compliant filed with United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez.

    PLEASE NOTE that while this is a victory in transferring Mumia out of the torturous Restricted Housing Unit (RHU), we call upon the closure of ALL RHU's! Furthermore, we call upon the IMMEDIATE RELEASE of Mumia Abu-Jamal and are not disillusioned by this transfer. FREE MUMIA NOW!

    More at:

    Write to Mumia to send him some love!

    Mumia Abu-Jamal
    SCI Mahanoy
    301 Morea Road
    Frackville, PA 17932

    Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC
    P.O. Box 16, College Station, NY, NY 10030
    212-330-8029, ,
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