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12.04.2012 (821 Days Ago)

Live From Death Row

From Management to Mastery
From Management to Mastery


[col. writ. 11/9/12] © ’12 Mumia Abu-Jamal

The re-election of Barack Obama means many things; many things to different constituencies.

For Republicans, it means a slap in their faces; a shock of  immense dimensions.

For Latinos, it is confirmation of their growing clout, and the perils of dissing such a community.

Ultimately, however, is the question of who should manage the empire; whose face would front the machine of imperialism.

Obama won that task.

Today, in an aura of austerity, Obama will soon engage in what’s called a ‘Grand Bargain’ of betrayal of those who voted for him, as social security, Medicare and Medicaid are placed on the chopping block, to balance budgets.

The same political classes that launched and waged two land wars on Chinese credit cards, now arise as ones concerned about the budget deficit.

Amazing. Talk of taxes and cuts in spending are but the latest weapons of war against working class and poor people. It is also the latest gambit to loot the state, to funnel more public money into private accounts.

The election was a prelude to a continuing battle between society’s rich and poor.

The Greek philosopher, Plato, once said: ‘Any city, however small, is in fact divided into twos; one the city of the poor, the other of the rich; these are at war with one another.’

Those stark facts face the Obama  administration as it launches a second term.

Two great sides will vie for supremacy.

Who wins will determine not just the future of his administration; but of the country.

--© ’12 maj

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