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TitleBreaking the Chain: Smoking Cessation

CREATIVE SPIRITS is doing good work to support young people in New Jersey, please view their You-Tube videos by going to You-Tube and typing in Creative Spirits Jihadah Sharif and checking out their programs which give you the full flavor of the work they are doing.  Below is a very important initiative, please check it out!  Sis. Jihadah is on e-mail at and you can inbox or call her at (973) 766-1514, she will be happy to read from you!  CLICK TO SEE HER IN AN ARTICLE.

FROM: The Creative Spirits of the State of New Jersey

"All too often, in day-to-day living, there is little mention of the human connection that has brought us this far"

“Breaking The Chain” A Smoking Cessation Program

After over 50 years of smoking, I finally was able to quit the bad, nasty habit of cigarettes. I am so happy; I now to want help others. My father died from lung cancer when I was sixteen, I lost a sister 4 years younger than I in 2005 and I have another sister who is 10 years younger than me who is ill from smoking cigarettes. This sister had just graduated from the walker to the wheel chair the day before I became deathly ill.  I was helping her to adjust to getting around using public transportation and I stopped and took a cigarette break.  I chose to ignore the voice telling me it was time to stop smoking. The next day I became so ill that I had to be hospitalized. I learned that I had less than 25% of my lungs left.

Because I believe that a divine force not only kept me alive, but also independent to get around, I am sure that it is for a special reason and that reason is to help others. I have designed “Breaking the Chain” a workshop to help others to stop smoking. Instead of burning up our bodies, we will build up our communities.  The money smokers invest in cigarettes and tobacco products we are asking that they donate half to community programs, education, housing and social programs to improve the quality of life in our society,

In planning this program I thought that the Prudential Insurance Company would be interested in endorsing this initiative.  I also looked for information about their opinion of cigarettes and the information that I found really upset me.  In an article in the ‘NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, it stated, “In so-called public service” ads appearing on TV and radio or in print and on the interludes many health insurance companies urge people to stay healthy by quitting smoking.  Guess what? They don’t mean it. None of them do. In fact, they profit if you don’t.

“A new study just published in The New England Journal of Medicine documents how major health insurance providers in the US, Canada and Britain hold billions of dollars in stock in companies that sell cigarettes and other tobacco products and Prudential is the leading investors.

“Wesley Boyd, the study’s lead author, found that at least $4-f billion in insurance companies funds which come from premiums paid by policy holders are invested in companies who’s highly profitable subsidiaries are major producers of cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.”

The main thrust of the program is to encourage organizations in the community to start workshops to help smokers to quit and establish intermediaries to teach the skills and techniques to help smokers to quit and the money that is spent to purchase tobacco products is to be used to finance programs in our communities. Instead of Burning Up Our Bodies, Let Us Build Up Our Communities.

If a person smokes a pack a day, they spend an average of $200.00 a month. If 5 people smoke a pack a day together they spend an average of a $1,000.00 a month, 100 people who smoke a pack a day spends $20, 000.00 a month and at that rate it totals $240,000, 00 a year. Too much money going up in smoke and we can use to improve our community.  A 100 people is a small dent in the smoking population.  I am sure your membership together knows thousands of people and even if you start off with just 25 smokers with only donating half of the money will add up to about $30, 000.00 a year.

Creative Spirits is presently asking our leaders who are struggling for funds to help improve the quality of life in our society to use this initiative to help them.  Creative Spirits only ask that you use the name “Breaking the Chain” and donate only 10% of what they raise to Creative Spirits.

I will help you set up, I am sure there are many of your members can conduct the workshop once it get started. I will show how to recruit participants, in no time Mosque #25 will manage this project on their own.

Medical studies on smoking have proven that smoking tobacco is among the leading causes of many diseases such as lung cancer, heart attacks, and erectile dysfunction and can also lead to birth defects. Due to inherent health hazards of smoking, many countries instituted high taxes on tobacco products and anti-smoking campaigns are launched in an attempt to curtail tobacco smoking.

There is a lot of money being spent in New Jersey alone with much of it coming from a community that needs housing, education and social program.  It may not be an overnight success but if we work at it we can help many of the citizens to stop smoking and invest the funds in building our community.


Jihadah S. Azziem-Sharif

Founder/Executive Member

Board of Directors,

Jihadah S. Azziem-Sharif, Founder/Executive Member

Prof. Terry Benjamin, Chairperson, Tobias A. Fox, Treasurer, Amy Coulote, Secretary, Samuel Arnold

Rutgers Development Clinic volunteers legal counsel under the supervision of Prof. Robert C. Holmes, Esq. Director

4 Chestnut St., Suite 108, East Orange, NJ  07018

(973) 766-1514

"People Working Together Can Accomplish Anything"

Breaking the Chain: Smoking Cessation
_Breaking the Chain: Smoking Cessation
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