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TitleCRUCIAL Info and Updates on Black Talk Political Prisoner Radio!

"Go to the people, organize the people, work among the people and tell no lies about what we want and what we've done and what we have accomplished.  We have to build a strong bond of trust with the people and show them by example that we're different from the politicians and corporate businessmen and others who say anything and do anything to get the people to go along with their program.

This lesson has been the cornerstone of my understanding of what this struggle is supposed to be about.  If we take the "tell no lies" approach to organizing, then we take the time to build the foundation for a movement that is destined to bring us the victory we say we're fighting for.  Then there would be no need to organize separate programs to educate the community to the existence of political prisoners.  No.  Because while we were working to organizing rent strikes and take control of abandoned buildings -- to create decent housing in our community through our sweat equity-- we would be talking about how Abdul Majid and others who organized tenant associations such as the Ocean Hill-Brownsville Tenants Association in Brooklyn.  While we're organizing around the issue of quality education that teaches our true history and role in this society, we would be talking about Herman Bell and Albert Nuh Washington and their work with the liberation schools.  While we're organizing food co-ops and other survival programs, we'd be talking about Geronimo Pratt, Sundiata Acoli, Robert Seth Hayes, and all the other political prisoners and prisoners of war who worked in the free health clinics and day care centers -- and who went to prison as a result of their active participation in organizing efforts around issues that directed affected the Black and oppressed communities.

Because our "movement," for lack of a better word, has deteriorated to the point that the majority of our organizing is done through demonstrations, rallies, conferences, and press conferences, the only way we feel we can talk about the issue of political prisoners is when we drag them out for show-and-tell or when we need to legitimatize what we are doing. This raises the question, "Are we serious about struggle, or are we just profiling?"  If we're not serious, then we need to let our political prisoners off the hook and tell them, "Do what you think is best for you."  If we are serious then we need to stop ego-tripping, stop profiling, stop rabble-rousing, and get down to the serious work of organizing.  Talk is cheap, action is supreme." The Honorable Sis. Safiya Bukhari, pps. 97-98, "The War Before" from (This book is a MUST READ!!)

Check out the podcasts of Prisoner Radio programming which are all highly informative and need MASS DISTRIBUTION.  Bro. Scotty Reid is doing a tremendous work by initiating and hosting this incredible series of programs on Black Talk Radio Network and Sis. Ameejill Whitlock has stepped right in along w/Sis. Marpessa in organizing these programs every Thursday night.  This library of information is tremendous and must go out far and wide for use in every way possible, please do not let this information just remain stagnated!! We thank all the participants and all those who help in any way whatsoever to highlight these and other cases and appreciate any support in lining up future shows until every one of our PP/POW's is introduced, their cases updated and the information gets out by every means possible, as these victims of U.S. torture will rot and die in the U.S. dungeons if we allow it! So PLEASE share/repost/embed these on as many sites as you can, Facebook, re-air on your radio shows, etc., i can't emphasize that enough!!  Asante sana and FORWARD EVER!!

CHECK OUT THE ARCHIVES OF PRIOR SHOWS AND WIDELY DISTRIBUTE! ***Black Talk Radio Network is listener supported and donations are welcome!***


The below is a partial listing, for full updated listing, CLICK HERE



CLICK HERE  for Sis. Crystal Hayes and Nate Buckley on the case of PP Robert "Seth" Hayes!


CLICK HERE for Sis. Gloria LaRiva on the case of the Cuban Five!

CLICK HERE for Bro. Herman Ferguson and Sis. Iyaluua Ferguson on the case of Bro. Abdul Majid!

CLICK HERE for Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.!

CLICK HERE for Bro. Ralph Poynter on the case of Atty Lynne Stewart!

CLICK HERE for Bro. Robert King Wilkerson on the case of the Angola 3!

CLICK HERE for Atty Robert Boyle and Brooke Reynolds on the case of Bro. Jalil Abdul Muntaqim!

CLICK HERE for Sis. Karima Al-Amin on the case of Imam Jamil Al-Amin!

CLICK HERE for David Hill, Peter Clark and Wanbli Tate on the case of Bro. Leonard Peltier


CLICK HERE for Bro. Vicente "Panama" Alba and Bro. Ricardo Jimenez on the case of Bro. Oscar Lopez-Rivera!



CLICK HERE for Sis. Dequi Kioni-Sadiki on the case of Bro. Sekou Odinga!



CLICK HERE for ex-PP Bro. Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin and the upcoming Memphis Black Power Conference!


CLICK HERE for Sis. Fayemi Shakur and Sis. Walidah Imarisha on the case of Bro. Sundiata Acoli!


CLICK HERE for Sis. Dominque Stevenson on Bro. Marshall "Eddie" Conway (features a call-in from Bro. Eddie)!


CLICK HERE for Sis. Theresa Shoatz on Bro. Russell "Maroon" Shoats!

CLICK HERE for Prof. Johanna Fernandez and Sis. Jamila Wilson on Bro. Mumia Abu-Jamal!

CLICK HERE for Sis. Kiilu Nyasha on Bro. Hugo "Yogi" Pinell!

CLICK HERE for Sis. Ramona Africa on the MOVE 9!

PP Sundiata Acoli w/Painting he made of Sis. Iyaluua Ferguson
_PP Sundiata Acoli w/Painting he made of Sis. Iyaluua Ferguson
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