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Lupe has been awarded one Grammy in 2008, and is contending for the 2013 NAACP Image Awards in the Male Artist and Duo/Group Collaboration categories. A consistent critic of President Obama, he was yanked from the stage of a recent Inauguration event in DC after a 30-minute anti-war song.
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"Jay-Z says he's going to stop using the b-word. We commend you, bro., in your 42nd year of life, on that decision. But you had a mother..." Chuck D
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Born into a family of all brothers toughened her, as demonstrated in her teen years, when I saw her knock a boyfriend over a metal railing. He seemed more shocked than hurt (but it's possible he hid his pain to protect his male ego).
Stamp of our beloved Bro. Minister Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) issued by Iran.
Children roam his grounds in lively packs, playing on the basketball court, sleeping in rows under malaria nets, and studying English and computer usage.
“I [was] serious about turning little churchgoing Jamesetta into a tough bitch called Etta James…. I wanted to look like a great big high-yellow ho’. I wanted to be nasty.” -- Etta James
The Count Giveth!
In an extract from his memoir written before he died, Gil Scott-Heron talks about touring with Stevie Wonder to establish MLK Day as a national holiday.
Many know of the conspiracy to kill M.L. King, but less know that his mother suffered a similar violent fate at the hands of assassin.
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