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This is an obvious attempt by the U.S. government to silence dissent, curtail vigorous defense lawyers, and install fear in those who would fight against the U.S. government.
From 1992-1997, the FBI and Atlanta police investigated the former H. Rap Brown in connection with everything from domestic terrorism to gunrunning, ending without charging him of any crime.
Russell "Maroon" Shoats has been in prison for almost 40 years and in solitary for over 30 of them.
By the late 1970's Dr. Shakur's work in acupuncture and drug detoxification was internationally known and he was invited to address the medical community around the world.
Kamau Sadiki is living in a nightmare -- along with his loving family. He has been committed to community since age 15 and deserves our gratitude and support.
Imprisoned now for a total of 47 years, Hugo Pinell has been in continuous solitary for over 40 years, since at least 1971--probably even since the late 1960’s.
"The attempt to destroy us had only made us stronger, more aware, more dedicated. Every single one of us was willing to lay down our life for our cause, which was the very survival of Indian peoples."
“Purpose of counterintelligence action is to disrupt BPP [Black Panther Party] and it is immaterial whether facts exist to substantiate the charge.” J. Edgar Hoover Re: Omaha Two
Sekou Odinga has been imprisoned since 1981 for actions carried out in the fight for Black Liberation.
The MOVE 9 have been in prison since 1978 because a cop killed another cop while attacking their home. 9 people were sentenced to 30 yrs to life because of their own 'friendly fire'!
Abdul Majid has been harassed, seriously assaulted twice, and denied proper medical treatment as a result of the assaults. In 8/2008, Bashir Hameed passed away from inadequate health care.
Ruchell Cinque Magee is the longest-held known U.S. Political Prisoner at 47+ years!!!
Sekou has already spent thirty+ years of his life behind bars on trumped up charges of murdering two white men in Alabama in 1975.
Seth first came up for parole in 1998, but prison officials are punishing him for having been a member of the BPP, and of having remained true to his ideals after 35+ years behind bars.
ROMAINE-CHIP-FITZGERALD', 'Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald is one of the U.S. longest-held political prisoners, 42 years in a prison hellhole.
Marshall "Eddie" Conway has been incarcerated since April 1970. He has now spent four decades in Maryland's prison system.
All three members of the New York Three were specifically named in COINTELPRO documents as members of the black liberation movement who had to be "neutralized".
Mumia Abu-Jamal is the "Voice of the Voiceless", a journalist, author, and revolutionary African man with an undying love for truth, justice and the people.
“The treatment to which Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace have been subjected for the past four decades is cruel and inhumane and a violation of the US’s obligations under international law."
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