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01.24.2013 (770 Days Ago)
Title'Focus on Political Prisoners' by Bro Pete O'Neal

Focus on Political Prisoners
by Bro. Pete O'Neal on Saturday, December 29, 2012 at 12:03pm ·

The New Year historically has been considered a time and opportunity for new directions, for new beginnings, a search for greater clarity and perhaps even a rededication to promises long made but yet unfulfilled. It is with these thoughts in mind that I offer, respectfully, my thinking on issues of import that I feel require attention from progressives forces and all people of good will.

For some time there have been calls made for a presidential pardon for Pete O’Neal.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of those who thought enough of us and our work to join hands with the good people who organized those efforts. Asanteni sana to all of you! However, having said that, I must further state that my voice will not be among those making that call. My decision to not participate is not borne of arrogance, ingratitude or rudeness but rather derives from a sincere belief that the American people and our struggle for freedom and justice would be well served to establish priorities.

As I type, there are hundreds if not thousands of political prisoners held captive in American prisons. Some have been held for decades and were prosecuted and convicted on flimsy to non-existent evidence. Many of these incarcerations were brought about by the illegal Machiavellian tactics employed by the FBI’s Counter intelligence program, “COINTELPRO.” This top-secret operation was a dirty war waged on the entire U.S. Left, including the civil rights & Black liberation movements. (COINTELPRO; Google Cointelpro and see Wikipedia’s definition for more information.) This is the same program that tried to extort Dr. Martin Luther King to commit suicide, the same program that
orchestrated the murder of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.

Here is another example of COINTELPRO machinations…Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa, known as the Omaha Two

I worked with these brothers in Kansas City and knew them as dedicated young men who worked selflessly toward building a better world. These two men have been imprisoned for over 40 years and it is common knowledge that they were in Kansas City at the time the crime they were convicted of occurred. If one takes Poindexter and Mondo, and joins their names with the long list of men and women, Blacks, Latinos, Native  Americans, Whites, Asians and all others being held in inhumane conditions, and thinks of their suffering and then reflects on my life and considers all that I have accomplished during my 43 years of exile… all the joys of life I have experienced…the lives I have touched and inspired… the babies made and reared…the participation in the building of a respected international organization…the friendships and bonds made and nurtured...the simple joy of basking daily in the healing warmth of an African sun…

…A presidential pardon for Pete O’Neal?

Wouldn’t it be wiser and more meaningful and strike a sharper blow against injustice to focus our efforts toward freeing those multitudes unjustly imprisoned?

I believe the clarion call should be FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!!! That’s where you will hear my voice and that’s where I hope to hear yours. Thank you,

One love and all power to the people!!

Pete O’Neal

PS. If you would like to help us with the work we are doing, check out our websites. or

'Focus on Political Prisoners' by Pete O'Neal
_'Focus on Political Prisoners' by Pete O'Neal
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