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Complete Home Recording Studio
Model: The Complete Desktop Recording Studio With Mac Mini

Everything you see hereCreate and record all of your music with this complete home studio bundle.


At the core of the Complete Desktop Recording Studio is all the hardware and software needed to write and record your music from start to finish. Microphone, Headphones, Audio I/O, Control Surface, and a complete Mac Mini system, all driven by Pro Tools MP. Make your songwriting experience happen with over 8 GB of additional loops, several virtual instruments, and additional music creation software and effects provided by Antares, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Lexicon, Presonus, Steven Slate, and many more.

Polish Your Songs


Once your songs have been recorded and mixed with Pro Tools MP, export them to Steinberg WaveLab Elements to master your songs to sonic perfection. With WaveLab’s powerful editing tools and additional plug-ins provided by Focusrite, BBE, Metric Halo, and IK Multimedia, your songs will sound their best in no time.

Upload Your Songs to iTunes


After you’ve mastered your songs, export them directly to iTunes and be your own record label with Tunecore. Upload your songs and album artwork to the iTunes online store. It’s like having your own Record Deal!


  • Apple Mac Mini 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 2GB Memory, 500GB HDD
  • Avid MobilePre 2x2 audio interface and Pro Tools MP recording software
  • ASUS 20-inch LCD computer monitor
  • KORG nanoKONTROL2 slim-line USB control surface, in white
  • Tascam TM78 vocal/instrument condenser microphone
  • A pair of Tascam HPVT1 headphones


Everything you need to record your first hit, order today.


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  • Posted by admin

    Posted on Dec 16th, 2012 12:31 AM

    0 votes


    This is a great deal, and I want to start off by emphasizing that. My first recording studio was with an XP. I purchased thousands of dollars worth of add-ons and software just to get to the point where I could produce a decent product. This kit has EVERYTHING -- even the monitor!


    I have had trouble with the iLok. Wish they just used Apple's App Store for the software DRM.


    The Mini Mac is an out of the box system with everything I need to start a project immediately and the low cost is amazing.

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Complete Home Recording Studio
_Complete Home Recording Studio
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