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01.05.2012 (1154 Days Ago)

What The Problem Is
Del Jones is a War Correspondent from Philly. He has studied and covered the violent elections in Jamaica, worked and was part of a fact finding mission weeks before the cowardly invasion of Grenada, and also traveled and studied the situation in Southern Afrika. He earned his associates degree from the school of Hard Knocks, his B.S. is in organizing in the streets and on the campuses of Philadelphia, his masters is in dissecting the media’s: distortions, lies, half truths, and kicking it out to the people. And his Ph.D. is for surviving to run it down another day. As a result of all of this, he has been rewarded his War Correspondent credentials by Revolutionary  Pan-Afrikanism (Black Power to you) and henceforth a W.C. will appear after his name.

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